What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a benign fleshy growth on the skin.  They often have a thin stalk and are raised.  They can be problematic if they catch on clothing or jewellery.  They commonly occur in areas such as the neck, armpits or groins.  Patients will often have multiple skin tags and there may be a family history of skin tags.

How is Skin Tag Removal performed?

Skin tag removal is performed under local anaesthetic by our experienced plastic surgeons.   The skin tags are excised and the base is cauterized using a hyfrecator device.  Usually a small dressing is applied following the procedure.  For larger skin tags formal excision and suturing may be required.  If this is the case the stitches will be removed after about one week.

What are the risks with skin tag removal?

The risks include: scarring; infection; bleeding; wound breakdown; recurrence of the skin tag; and, incomplete removal.  The scars will normally be about the same size as the original tag.

How long is the recovery after skin tag removal?

The recovery following treatment will depend on the size of the tag.  Most small skin tags will heal very quickly.  When the tag is removed a dressing may be applied which is removed after a few days.  You may develop a small scab where the tag was removed which will then fall away once it is healed.

How do I book for skin tag removal?

To book your consultation with our plastic surgeons please call on 0800 7723501 or use our online booking form.



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