Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping with fillers by plastic surgeons


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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty or the Filler Nose Job is a procedure that uses fillers to reshape the nose.  Traditionally, patients would need to have had an operation to reshape the nose but our experienced surgeons can improve the shape of the nose using fillers in clinic without the need for surgery.

Am I suitable for a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

There are a number of features of the nose that make them suitable for the filler nose job.  These include:

  • A hump on the nose
  • Slight droop of the tip
  • A previously operated nose that needs refinement
  • Small noses that need enhancing
  • Far Eastern noses to build up the bridge of the nose

How is the procedure performed?

Our surgeons will assess you for suitability for the non-surgical rhinoplasty.  We will discuss the procedure and discuss risks and benefits.  The filler treatment is performed in clinic.  The filler will contain local anaesthetic to help numb the area during the procedure.  The treatment will last from 20-30 minutes.  The filler will normally last from 6-12 months.

What if I do not like the result of my non-surgical rhinoplasty?

We use hyaluronic acid fillers for our treatments.  These are temporary fillers that can be dissolved immediately if you do not like the result.

How can I book an appointment?

To book your appointment with one of our consultant plastic surgeons please call 0800 772 3501 or use our online booking system.

Before and After

non-surgical rhinoplasty before and after
non-surgical rhinoplasty before and after

I wanted to thank you for sculpting my nose into the best version it can be!! I am absolutely amazed by the outcome of the 3 point rhino procedure. My nose is smaller, neater, more refined and best of all beautifully lifted -I did not think that this was possible without having to go under the knife. Not only did you save me thousands of £££’s,but you also gave me instant results with minimum down time and reduced risk of complications. My good friend was so impressed by the outcome that she has also booked an appointment to see you for the same procedure too! I cannot thank you enough.”

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