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Hair Transplant Grafts – Everything you need to know about numbers

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So you are thinking about a hair transplant but you need to know exactly what you are being offered by the clinic.  There is a big difference between hair transplant grafts, also known as follicular units, and hairs.

What’s the difference between hair transplant grafts and hairs?

We are often told by patients that they have been offered cheap hair transplants elsewhere particularly abroad in countries such as Turkey. It is important to know exactly what is being provided by these clinics.  They will often be quoting prices based on the number of hairs that are used rather than grafts.

So what is the difference between a hair and graft?

When you have a hair transplant, typically a follicular unit is harvested. This is why the technique is called follicular unit extraction (FUE). The follicular unit may contain a single hair or number of hairs.  The photograph shows a patient who has undergone robotic ARTAS hair transplant. It shows a number of grafts that contain a range of hairs from 1-4. When we talk about how many grafts are harvested we are talking about follicular units. Some clinics will talk about the number of hairs not grafts. This is why it may seem like you are getting more grafts for less money but in reality it is the number of hairs they are using.

artas hair grafts

Why does it matter if they use hairs or grafts?

If a clinic uses hairs to calculate your numbers then they may split into individual hairs. We would always suggest keeping whole grafts so if it has 3 or 4 hairs we do not split them. This means it becomes denser or fuller. We often see patients that have had single hairs transplanted and their results appear less dense and thin.

How can I find out more about hair transplants?

You can contact us or use our online booking form to schedule your free consultation. During this appointment we can discuss your specific requirements and detail what would be needed in terms of grafts.


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