What are Jowls?

With advancing age, the natural volume in our faces begins to diminish and the youthful firmness is lost. This results in loss of definition in the lower face, producing jowls and a sagging jawline. Jowls and jawline definition are an early tell-tale sign of ageing and can often be distressing to younger patients. As the volume decreases and the skin begins to sag, it tends to gather around the jowls. The natural definition And youthful proportions are lost, producing a square-looking face and sagging jawline.

Treating them is challenging and requires a good understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the ageing face as well as advanced skills in non-surgical and surgical cosmetic corrections. The goals of treatment are to tighten the jawline, reduce the jowl and restore the natural balance of the face. Our team of plastic surgeons at Skin and Follicle have the expertise and knowledge to recognise and treat this effectively.

How do we treat Jowls?

There are a number of different ways to treat this, these include:

Injectables – advanced dermal filler techniques can be used to smoothen and redefine the jawline. This is great option early on and gives an immediate correction with minimal downtime or risk.

Thread lift – Threads offer the added advantage of being able to pull a jowl back to its natural position. This results in a beautifully smooth and well defined jawline. Silhouette-Soft Thread lift offers instant correction of sagging jowls and collagen stimulation that longstanding smoothness in the lower face.

Surgical correction – Mini facelifts as well as liposuction techniques under local anaesthetic can be extremely effective at treating this and sagging jaw lines. Our team of plastic surgeons at Skin and Follicle are experts in surgical jowl treatment and jawline tightening.

Book your appointment to discuss your jowls

If you would like to discuss your concerns about jowls or loss of definition, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our surgeons will be happy to explore your concerns and design a treatment strategy that is right for your face, age and budget.



silhouette soft thread before silhouette soft thread after