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Hair Transplant

How much does a hair transplant cost?

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The hair transplant cost depends on many factors which include: number of grafts; technique used; experience of the surgeon; and, place where it is performed.

The number of grafts

The number of grafts required will depend on the area to be covered and desired density or thickness of hair.  The Norwood scale provides a way of assessing the degree of hair loss and its pattern.  The higher the number on the scale the more grafts you will need to cover the area.  We would normally suggest a range of grafts, for example 1000-1500 grafts.  It is difficult to predict exactly how many grafts will be suitable for implanting as some may be transected or poor quality.  Some clinics may give you an exact number but they may split grafts in order to reach the given the number.  This means that if a graft contains 3 hairs then the cut the graft so it becomes 3 grafts.  However, this has the disadvantages that the hair will appear thinner.  During your consultation, we shall give you a range of grafts that would be required to give you your desired outcome.

Technique of Hair Transplant

There are a number of different ways of performing a hair transplant from strip FUT to follicular unit extraction (FUE).  The FUT or strip method is often the cheapest method of hair transplant.  FUE can be performed manually or with the ARTAS robot.  The ARTAS robot is the most advanced method of hair transplant and as you can imagine the price for this would be higher than the manual method.  The ARTAS offers unrivalled precision and accuracy compared to manual FUE.

Experience of the surgeon

It is important to know about the experience of the surgeon performing the hair transplant.  There may be places where your procedure is performed by someone that is not a surgeon or even a doctor.  We recommend that a surgeon should be on the General Medical Council specialist register and you will be able to check this either by asking them or checking online.

Place where the hair transplant is performed

We have many patients that have looked at traveling abroad for their hair transplant to places like Turkey or Greece.  The prices may be considerably lower in these countries but there are many reasons for this.  It is difficult to know if the places abroad are safe or have appropriate sterile equipment.  The qualifications of surgeons may be more difficult to ascertain abroad and there may be places where procedures are performed by non-medically qualified people.  In the UK, the facility should be registered with the Care Quality Commission which is an independent body that regulates hospitals.  This ensures that the clinic adheres to high standards and delivers quality care.

If you are considering a hair transplant then book a free consultation with our GMC registered consultant plastic surgeons in our CQC registered clinic today.


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