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Celebrity hair transplants – Why are more men undergoing the procedure?

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There has been a big increase in the number of men undergoing hair transplants. Hair transplants are becoming more accepted and there are many celebrities that have confirmed that they have undergone the procedure. These well known individuals have proved that the procedure is very effective in treating hair loss. The changes seen following a hair transplant range from subtle to quite dramatic depending on the number of grafts used and areas treated.


At Skin and Follicle, we use the most advanced hair restoration technique, which is the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system. There are only a small handful of centres throughout the world providing this and we are the only ones in the whole of the Midlands.


The list of celebrity hair transplants is growing and below are some well known cases.


Wayne Rooney

rooney hair transplant

Wayne Rooney is probably one of the best known celebrity hair transplants. He openly admitted undergoing the FUE procedure on his Twitter. His openness has been responsible for a rise in popularity of the procedure.


Robbie Williams


The singer Robbie Williams talked about his hair transplant on the Graham Norton show.


Louis Walsh

louis walsh hair transplant

The X Factor judge Louis Walsh has also spoken about dealing with his hair loss by undergoing a hair transplant.


James Nesbitt

james nesbitt hair transplant

Irish man, James Nesbitt has also confirmed that he has undergone 2 hair transplant procedures to tackle his hair loss.   He states that ‘I am very pleased with the results.’


Calum Best


The Celebrity Big Brother star has confessed to undergoing 3 hair transplants to restore his hair.


How is a hair transplant performed?


There are number of different methods of hair transplant which include strip or FUT and FUE techniques. The strip or FUT involves taking a strip of hair from the back of the head and slicing this to harvest grafts. The FUE method involves taking grafts with a punch from the back and sides of the head. FUE may also be performed using the ARTAS robot. The FUE technique results in less visible scarring and quick recovery.


How can I find out more?


To book your free consultation with one of our surgeons call now on 08007723501 or book online.


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