Your journey begins with an initial online consultation form which can be found here.  Our team will then contact you with more information about your options and provide a quote.  We will also arrange a free consultation with one of our surgeons.  The stages of your journey are shown below.

Your journey begins with an online consultation using our form.  This allows you to upload your details and photographs for a no obligation quote.  We will then arrange an appointment for a free consultation with one of our surgeons.

Our dedicated team will discuss your needs and arrange a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. All your care will be managed by our plastic surgeons, fully trained in the UK and on the plastic surgery specialist register and fellows of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons. Our surgeons will perform a full history and examination.  They will discuss your options and the procedures in detail covering the benefits and risks.

If you decide to proceed, we will arrange for a suitable date for you. We can also help arrange for any transport or accommodation needs that you may require. We realise some treatments are expensive, and for this reason we will help you by providing you with access to 0% finance if you require it.


Wear comfortable clothes. Shirts work better than T-shirts. If you are hair transplant surgery, bring a loose hat. If you are having eye surgery, bring some large dark sunglasses if you want to conceal. Also bring comfortable non slip footwear that you can wear on the day.

Once again, your plastic surgeon will be there to greet you and explain the procedure again. In adherence with good practice guidelines by the General Medical Council and British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, we will ensure that you have a cooling off period of two weeks between the date of the consultation and the date of your procedure.

We do all of our procedures under local anaesthetic, so you will be able to go home the same day. If you require an overnight stay, our concierge service will help in arranging an accommodation in a nearby hotel.

After going home, within 24 hours we will call you to ensure that you are well and have no questions to ask about your aftercare. We will also offer a week review in the clinic, or a virtual review if you cannot travel to us. We will also offer complimentary follow us at 3 months and 1 year to ensure your satisfaction. If you get stuck with anything, just contact us, we are here for you.

Your surgeon will explain the aftercare for you. This depends on the procedure you have.

For hair transplant, there is little aftercare. If a dressing is applied it will be removed the next day, and then you can wash your hair by our recommended shampoo. Then wait for your permanent hair to grow. That’s all you have to do.