Are you experiencing hair loss?

Well, hair loss occurs in all of us as we get older, this is normal. However in some people the hair loss is significant. This could be a temporary thing or could be more sustained. If you are concerned, it is best to see us sooner rather than later, as there might things we can do to help prevent things getting worse. Nearly half of men will lose a significant amount of their hair by the age of 50, and nearly two thirds of women will have significant hair loss by the age of 65. For some the problem with hair loss starts much younger, even in their twenties. In the vast majority of these cases, this is due a hereditary pattern of baldness. The only permanent solution is a hair transplant.

I am very stressed about losing my hair! How can I cope with hair loss?

Firstly Seek– The key is to act early and seek medical advice. Here at Skin and Follicle, we are trained to identify and manage different types of hair loss in both men and women. You can get lots of information on the internet. Unfortunately not all the information is accurate. We would recommend you go to a professional site first, like ours or the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, where you will get good advice.

Secondly Share – You are not alone. There are many support groups and the NHS website provides useful link to help you with that. By sharing your concerns, it will make it easier also to look for treatments and take the next step towards restoration of your hair loss. Prevention is always better than cure.

What treatments are available for hair loss?

That very much depends on the cause. Some conditions can be reversible or self-limiting. In these cases, our experts will give you honest advice and if necessary recommend or prescribe treatments.

If the process is irreversible, then surgery might be an appropriate next step. During the consultation, our expert hair restoration team will assess your suitability for treatment. In our clinic we only provide the ultimate surgical hair restoration treatment on the market, an exclusive for the West Midlands, Artas Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction or Robotic-FUE. There are other surgical treatments available but we believe that the Artas Robotic FUE is by far a more superior way. Other ways include Strip grafting or Follicular Unit Transplant, manual FUE or mechanical or automated (non-robotic FUE). For more information about our exclusive system please click here.

Tell me more about surgical hair restoration

FUT – a strip of the scalp is removed and the donor site is sutured. This immediately means a permanent scar will result. The strip is then finely cut into very small units and transplanted. It is considered one of the most basic techniques in hair transplant. This is very much an operator dependent process, and can in some hands be very slow and inaccurate.

FUE – follicular units are extracted either manually or through a device and then replanted into the recipient site. Manual extraction is an extremely slow process, and this limits the number of follicles that can be extracted in a treatment session. There are risks of damaging the follicles during the extraction because of human handling. There is also an element of judgement. Artas Robotic system eliminates a lot of these factors. To know more about our exclusive Artas system click here.



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