Vaginal Rejuvenation

Geneveve by Viveve renews vaginal tissue strength and responsiveness

Geneveve by Viveve

Geneveve treatment uses clinically-proven cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to uniformly deliver gentle volumetric heating while cooling delicate surface tissue. This unique technology stimulates the body’s natural collagen formation process. The treatment is a comfortable, single-session, 30-minute treatment performed by a trained doctor in our clinic.

What is vaginal laxity?

Just like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers. Over time, or with trauma, the collagen can lose its strength and shape, creating a feeling of looseness (laxity), especially around the vaginal opening. Common causes of vaginal laxity include childbirth, other physical stress on the tissue, aging, genetic pre-disposition, and lifestyle. Vaginal laxity results in many quality of life issues for women including a loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction.

What can I do to help with vaginal laxity?

There are multiple ways women can address vaginal laxity.

  • Kegel exercises may be the most commonly known and prescribed treatment because they can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. However, while Kegels may improve muscle tone, they do not address soft tissue that rests upon the muscle and contributes to vaginal laxity.
  • Surgical options may be effective but also entail significant health risks, recovery time, post-procedure pain and out-of-pocket costs.
  • • Geneveve is an extensively studied approach for vaginal laxity. Geneveve works at the cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen, without disrupting vaginal tissue. The Geneveve treatment was specifically designed for vaginal laxity and has been shown to be safe and effective in a large, blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

What does Geneveve feel like ?

Geneveve is a comfortable, 30-minute treatment that does not require local or topical anesthesia or analgesics. Geneveve is performed by a trained healthcare professional in an outpatient setting. Geneveve uses gentle, deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s natural collagen formation process, which revitalizes and tightens tissue just inside the vaginal opening. Because the surface of the vaginal walls is not injured, typically you return to normal activities immediately.

Does the Geneveve treatment work?

The Geneveve treatment has the potential to help millions of women who suffer silently with vaginal laxity (looseness) and the resulting loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction. Viveve has conducted multiple clinical studies on the  treatment. Two clinical studies showed statistically significant improvement in vaginal tightening, to pre-childbirth levels, at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months following a single, comfortable office-based treatment. At 12 months, improved and sustained tightening and improved sensation was shown in 90% of the women.

A third large, randomized, blinded and placebo-controlled clinical study showed that women who received the Geneveve treatment reported achieving improved tightness, sensation and satisfaction, with no additional safety risks.

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