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Eyelash transplants can be performed to replace eyelash loss in Birmingham by our specialist team of plastic surgeons at Skin and Follicle.


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What are eyelash transplants?

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) can be a devastating consequence of injury or sometimes with no obvious reason. At Skin and Follicle we have a team that has been trained in the management of this complex problem.

 What are the causes of eyelash loss?

There are number a number of causes for eyelash loss, these include:

Alopecia Areata – a disorder in which the immune cells attack the hair follicles causing them to fall out.

Allergies – for example to mascaras. They can cause dermatitis or conjunctivitis.

Blepharitis – most commonly caused by a bacteria infection. It can be the due to blockage of the eyelid’s oil glands.

Chemotherapy – usually it is not permanent but it can be permanent in rare cases.

Trichotillomania Tangle – in this condition, the sufferer pulls out his or her own hair.

Thyroid Conditions –  this can be due an overactive or underactive thyroid glands.

Natural Eyelash Loss – eyelashes like scalp hair falls and regrows.

How can eyelash loss be treated?

This depends on the cause and how quickly you want a result. At Skin and Follicle will be able to assess your condition of eyelash loss and advise you. We may recommend certain hygiene regimes or some topical treatments. In some cases eyelash transplant is the best or only solution to treat eyelash loss.

How are eyelash transplants performed?

In this surgery, hair is harvested from a suitable donor site, and through a specialised technique, each hair follicle is transplanted into the eyelid to create a new eyebrow. The result is immediate and you will be able to see it in the clinic.



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