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Earlobe repair is performed following a split earlobe or stretched earlobe from piercings. The procedure is undertaken by our experienced plastic surgeons.


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What is an earlobe repair?

An earlobe repair is a procedure to correct a split earlobe from wearing of earrings or splits following trauma or pulling of earrings.  A repair can also be performed after overstretching of the earlobe from piercings.  The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic by our plastic surgeons in our purpose built clinic in Birmingham.

What is a split earlobe?

A split earlobe occurs after prolonged wearing of heavy earrings that can stretch the piercing hole or if an earring is pulled causing tearing of the hole.  Once the earlobe splits the skin heals preventing the skin edges joining together again.

What is an earlobe reconstruction?

The trend in big piercings has resulted in overstretching of earlobes.  Once the piercings are removed there remains a wide hole and stretched skin that needs formal surgical reconstruction to correct it.  Our plastic surgeons will use specialist techniques to reconstruct the earlobe.

What are the risks with earlobe repair?

The risks include: scarring (may include keloid or hypertrophic scarring); infection; bleeding; wound breakdown; recurrence of tearing of earlobe. The scars are permanent and initially red but will fade with time.

When can I wear earrings after an earlobe repair?

We would recommend waiting for full recovery of the repair before piercing and wearing earrings again.  This would normally be a minimum of 3 months after your procedure.

How do I book for earlobe repair?

To book your consultation with our plastic surgeons please call on 0800 7723501.

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