Our team of plastic surgeons are able to offer the revolutionary Earfold in their Birmingham clinic.  This is a revolutionary procedure for prominent ears which are more commonly known as big ears; sticky out ears; or bat ears.  We are one of few centres in the UK to offer the Earfold procedure.

What is the Earfold?

The Earfold is a medical device produced by Allergan.  It is a nitinol alloy implantable device that is gold plated.  The device is used to recreate the antihelical fold of the ear which often not developed in patients with sticky out ears or bat ears.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic which means that you will be awake during the procedure.  This is performed with a few small injections to numb the ear.  A small incision is made on the front of the ear.  A pocket is created just underneath the skin.  The Earfold device is passed in this tunnel and deployed.  Once deployed the ear folds back to improve the shape of the ear.  The incision is then sutured.

How else can prominent ear surgery be performed ?

Bat ears were traditionally managed with surgery involving a large incision behind the ear.  The cartilage was then scored to fold it back or stitched back to create the fold.  The operation would be performed under general or local anaesthetic.  The patients would often need a bandage on for about a week after surgery.  There was also small risks of recurrence of the problem with these methods.

What is different about the Earfold?

The Earfold procedure is a quick and effective alternative to traditional surgery.  This is performed in our Birmingham clinic by one of our plastic surgeons.  The procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform.

How can I find out more about Earfold Birmingham?

To book a consultation with one of our surgeons to discuss Earfold Birmingham please call us now on 08007723501 or fill out a contact form.