Cryoshape Keloid Scar Treatment

Cryoshape is a revolutionary treatment for keloid scars. This procedure is performed by our plastic surgeons in our clinic where we freeze the keloid scar.


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Cryoshape Keloid Scar Treatment

Cryoshape is the latest treatment for keloid scars.  This treatment involves use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the scar.  The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and by our consultant plastic surgeon.

What is a keloid scar?

Keloid scars raised thickened red lumpy scars commonly found on the earlobes, and central chest.  They are more common in darker skin types and there is often a family history of the condition.  The keloid scar typically grows beyond the original scar whereas a hypertrophic scar is usually contained within the limits of the original scar.

How do you treat keloid scars?

There are many methods of treating keloid scars but they are often very difficult to treat.  Treatment options include:

  • Pressure garments
  • Steroid injections
  • Intralesional excision
  • Radiotherapy
  • Cryotherapy

How does Cryoshape work?

Cryoshape is performed under local anaesthetic by our consultant plastic surgeons. The local anaesthetic will make the area numb and so the remainder of the procedure will result in minimal pain. The Cryoshape device is then introduced to the keloid scar.  The device then cools and freezes the keloid scar from within.  This freezing of the scar then results in shrinkage of the scar.

How much does Cryoshape cost?

The cost of Cryoshape is based on the size of the keloid scar.  The prices for Cryoshape start from £950.

Does Cryoshape work?

Cryoshape has been shown in clinical studies to be an effective treatment for keloid scars. The studies have shown that Cryoshape showed 93% improvement in keloid scars.  An average reduction of 60% volume has been noted after one single treatment.

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Cryoshape Keloid Scar

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