Update on Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Update

Dear Patient

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, I wanted to reassure you that it’s business as usual at Skin & Follicle Clinic. Infection control is already a top priority of ours and we are taking all steps we can to minimise risk to our patients and staff.

It is important that anyone suspected of suffering from Coronavirus does not attend our clinic. We are strict about this with staff, patients and other visitors. The footfall in our clinic is low. We are taking extra hygiene measures to minimise risk of transmission of the virus from hard surfaces. We are also extending the time between appointments so that there will only be a single patient (you) in the clinic at any one time. Our staff will be wearing masks in the clinic in their interactions and treatments with you. With all these measures our premises are very safe places to visit and work in. You are less likely to pick up the virus in our premises than almost any other public place.

We are following the government’s advice, and are keeping abreast of all updates. We will therefore keep you updated as to any changes in the near future.

At the time of sending this email, government advice is to continue to go to work and school. They have also advised social distancing particularly to those over the age of 70 and those under the age of 70 with certain underlying health conditions. If you have concerns whether you need to self-isolate, the NHS 111 online coronavirus service can advise you accordingly. Please DO NOT visit your GP, pharmacy or A&E unit if you have symptoms such as a new persistent dry cough and/or a high temperature. You should stay at home for 7 days as per government advice. You can also phone NHS 111 and seek advice.

Please let us know and DO NOT ATTEND our clinics if this guidance, which is updated every day, advises that you self-isolate or practice social distancing.  We are more than happy to reschedule your appointment and all deposits will be safely held on your account for the time you are able to attend.

Please Contact us below if you are unable to attend your appointment or you have been feeling unwell in the last few days.