Body Hair Transplants

Body hair transplants involve using body hair instead of the scalp to restore hair loss. This is a specialist technique offered by us in Birmingham.


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Body Hair Transplants


What are body hair transplants?

In some cases, where the scalp is not suitable, or has already been harvested, or simply the patient wishes, the body hair can be harvested and used as a transplant donor site.

 Why use body hair transplants?

In some individuals, body hair is an ideal donor site. The scalp is not used in such cases. The procedure can be more complex, but here at Skin and Follicle we are specialised in this procedure.

 What should I expect during a body hair transplant?

You use the FUE method of extraction for this technique. Each follicle is extracted and prepared separately. It is then implanted in the recipient site. You do not need any dressings, just antimicrobial ointments. You will still have body hair after the procedure because nearly half of your body hair is normally dormant at any one stage.

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