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ARTAS Hair Transplant Birmingham

Our clinic in Birmingham is a purpose built facility that is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  We deliver the most advanced hair transplant technique available in the world.  The ARTAS hair transplant system is exclusively only available in the Midlands at our Skin and Follicle clinic.  Our team of plastic surgeons will provide exceptional patient care, excellence in surgical techniques, and all at affordable prices.

hair transplant birmingham
hair transplant birmingham

Why should I have ARTAS?

There are numerous advantages to having your hair transplant using the ARTAS system, these include:

  • Protection of your existing hairs when making sites for your new grafts
  • Precision accuracy in harvesting your grafts
  • More rapid site making and harvesting
  • Avoids the long scar associated with strip techniques
  • More rapid recovery

How does the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant work?

The ARTAS robot uses digital imaging and precision robotics to identify the most suitable grafts for your hair transplant. This is similar to the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure but uses a robot to take the hair grafts.  This produces consistently the highest quality grafts.  The robotic hair transplant is different from the FUT or strip procedure since it avoids removing a strip of skin from the back of the head.

Does it hurt having the ARTAS Hair Transplant?

Our experienced surgeons will use local anaesthetic to help numb the areas being treated.  This will make the procedure more comfortable and almost pain free.  During the recovery period, most people will experience minimal pain or discomfort.

How much does the ARTAS hair transplant cost?

The cost of the ARTAS hair transplant will depend on the amount of graft that are being taken to give you the desired hair thickness or density.  Our team of surgeons will discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a competitive price.  You can also pay using our interest free finance option to spread your payments.

How long does it take to recover?

The donor site is the area from the back of the head where the grafts are taken from or harvested.  This area recovers and heals very quickly.  Below are some photos of our patient at 2 and 10 days following their ARTAS hair transplant.

artas hair transplant donor site 2 and 10 days

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Before and After

hair transplant birmingham

On the day of the surgery I was shown around the clinic which was very clean and tidy, everything in place and on point. I had two surgeon and nurses with me on both days of my surgery. The whole day was about me, the all made me comfortable in every way possible throughout the procedure. Stopping when I needed too, drinks and snacks to keep me going throughout the day. I could not of asked for anymore from each of them. At all times I felt like I was listened too, nothing was too much to ask for and a generally happy place to be in.
I recommended this procedure to anyone and can not think of a better place to have this carried out.

ANARTAS Hair Transplant


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