What is ARTAS?

The ARTAS is robotic hair transplant procedure that uses a robot to accurately harvest healthy hair follicles for grafting.  This is similar to the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure but uses a robot to take the hair grafts.  This is different from the FUT or strip procedure since it avoids removing a strip of skin from the back of the head.

What are the advantages of the ARTAS?

There are many advantages of the ARTAS robot system, these include:

  • More accurate and consistent harvest of healthy grafts
  • Quicker harvest of grafts
  • Avoidance of long scar
  • More natural appearing donor site after the procedure
  • More rapid recovery

Will I have scarring from the ARTAS?

All procedures will leave some degree of scarring including the ARTAS.  Scarring with the ARTAS is relatively minimal compared to a long scar from the strip procedure.  The robot selectively removes small areas of hair grafts.  This allows you to have a variety of hair styles including short hair cuts without much visibility of any scars.

When will I see the results of my procedure?

New hair growth is usually seen from about 3 months after the procedure and this will continue to increase over the year.  The full results will be seen after a year.  The transplanted hair follicles will be permanent but you may continue to have ongoing hair loss which you would have experienced anyway.

Am I suitable for robotic hair transplant?

We would generally use robotic hair transplants for patients requiring over 1000 grafts.  There may be some patients in whom this type of hair transplant may not be possible.  Our plastic surgeons will consult you and discuss the most suitable option for you.


Artas Robotic Hair Transplant